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Food For Thoughts is a blog set up by me Isaac. Food is my number one passion, and as the quotes says "Food is the ingredient that binds us together", and second is travelling, in the words of Hans Christan Andersen "To Travel is to live". 

This blog will bring these passions together, and follow my exploration of foods and cultures from across the globe. Food can define a culture, identity and even aid your physical and mental health, to be part of something so profound is a huge honour. 

This brings us to the second objective of finding optimal foods for different types of mental illnesses (hence the name "Food for Thoughts"). As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, I have seen first hand how certain foods can improve your mental health, akin to healthy foods improving your physical health, As Hippocrates once remarked: "Let thy food be thy medicine", (also the page slogan).


My love of all foods, the process of remarkable stories behind the produce, the passionate people who curate meals like art, and the overall pure bond it creates which defies any culture, language or creed, feeds my soul like no medication or therapist ever could.

So join me on my journey on the pursuit of new, obscure and wonderful foods, whilst discovering incredible people and places, all whilst aiding your mental health.

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