About Business Name

BUSINESS NAME is a blog set up by Isaac and Jeanette. Veganism is our number one passion, and as they say "Food is the ingredient that binds us together", and something so vital and ethical as veganism can bring us all together for a brighter future. And our second is travelling, in the words of Hans Christan Andersen "To Travel is to live". 

This blog will bring these passions together and follow our exploration of different vegan foods and societies from across the globe. Food can define a culture, identity and with the plant-based community sometimes feeling alienated, we thought it would be useful to bring every Vegan and budding one together, to give others tips, information, resources, reviews, and general help. We have the advantage of being at different ends of our vegan journies, Isaac a newly formed vegan), and Jeanette one for 3 years. So can give insightful personal understanding into the journeys from both ends of the spectrums, and how we individually make the practice as exciting as possible. 

This brings us to the second objective of finding optimal foods for different types of mental illnesses  As people who have suffered from depression and anxiety; we see first hand how certain foods can improve your mental health, and how plant-based diet can bring your life so much joy and would love to share our findings!

Our love of all plant-based foods, for the environment, economy, animals rights, and your health, to the process of remarkable stories behind the products, the passionate people who curate them, and the overall pure bond it creates which defines any culture, language or creed, and gives the practice its passion and heart, feeds our souls like no medication or therapist could.

So join us on our journey of new, obscure and wonderful vegan foods, whilst aiding your mental health at the same time!!